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INTRODUCTION Developmental abnormalities of liver including ectopic liver tissue (ELT) are rare conditions. Few cases presenting ELT have been reported in literature till now. Even though the most common area seen is gallbladder, it is detected both abdominal and thoracic sites. There is a relationship between HCC and ectopic liver that necessitates the(More)
INTRODUCTION Bile leak after cholecystectomy which is the frequency less than 2% is an important problem for patients. Some bile duct injuries occuring after laparoscopic cholecystectomy are the complex bile duct injuries and can cause bile leak and fistula. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 74-year-old woman has high output bile drainage from abdominal drain after(More)
OBJECTIVE Although radiological imaging modalities like barium enema and computed tomography provide some clues, endoscopic methods still maintain superiority in assessment and differential diagnosis of large intestinal symptoms and complaints that require biopsy. We aimed to present the results of colonoscopic procedures performed in our general surgery(More)
AIM To report the results of open surgery for patients with basket impaction during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure. METHODS Basket impaction of either classical Dormia basket or mechanical lithotripter basket with an entrapped stone occurred in six patients. These patients were immediately operated for removal of stone(s)(More)
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