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It is estimated that Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the Western Hemisphere. There are currently no sustainable and affordable cervical cancer screening programs in Haiti. The current status of screening services and knowledge of health care professionals was assessed through a Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices survey on cervical(More)
OBJECTIVES The study was designed to determine how pregnancy affects lipid and lipoprotein profiles among women living in a typical suburban commercial community in Africa, and to highlight the consequences of such changes. STUDY DESIGN Lipid and lipoprotein levels and coronary heart disease (CHD) risk predictor index [High density lipoprotein-cholesterol(More)
This study investigates STD knowledge, awareness and perception among antenatal patients at a Nigerian teaching hospital. There was general awareness of the common STDs, such as gonorrhoea, 95.5% (n=127) and syphilis 66.92% (n=89), while the least awareness was recorded in chlamydial diseases, 6% (n=8). HIV/AIDS recorded the highest awareness, 96.2%(More)
Seventy-two women with symptomatic uterine fibroids were treated by abdominal myomectomy from January 1994 to December 1996. Important features were a mean age of 32.3 years (range 25-49 years) and parity of 0 to 6; 83% ( n = 60) were nulliparous and 68% ( n = 49) were unmarried. The average estimated blood loss was 480 ml with 1.6 g/dl mean haemoglobin(More)
Cervical cancer remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality for women in developing countries, despite the fact that inexpensive, simple and effective screening methods are available. Visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid (VIA) can be used as part of a "screen and treat" program to identify precancerous lesions for cryotherapy(More)
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