Ognyan Kulev

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High-throughput technologies, such as next-generation sequencing, have turned molecular biology into a data-intensive discipline, requiring bioinformaticians to use high-performance computing resources and carry out data management and analysis tasks on large scale. Workflow systems can be useful to simplify construction of analysis pipelines that automate(More)
Cerebellar lesions have classically been considered not to cause epilepsy. However, previous reports have attributed seizures, beginning as hemifacial spasms to lesions of the cerebellar peduncles. We report an example of paroxysmal facial contractions associated with a cerebellar gangliocytoma. The seizures began on the first day of life and consisted of(More)
NGS data processing in metagenomics studies has to deal with noisy data that can contain a large amount of reading errors which are difficult to detect and account for. This work introduces a fuzzy indicator of reliability technique to facilitate solutions to this problem. It includes modified Hamming and Levenshtein distance functions that are aimed to be(More)
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