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Marginal fit is an important clinical factor that affects restoration longevity. The accuracy of three polyvinyl siloxane putty-wash impression techniques was compared by marginal fit assessment using the nondestructive method. A stainless steel master cast containing three abutments with three metal crowns matching the three preparations was used to make(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of different cement combinations on coronal microleakage in restored endodontically treated teeth using dye penetration. METHOD AND MATERIALS Human, noncarious single-rooted extracted premolars (n = 60) were divided into four experimental groups (each n = 15). After endodontic treatment, different combinations of(More)
A precise impression is necessary for fabricating an accurately fitting cast restoration. For this purpose, Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS) impression materials are extremely popular because of their combination of excellent physical properties, handling characteristics and dimensional stability. Its excellent clinical features remain unaffected if simple measures(More)
Soft tissue shrinkage during the course of restoring dental implants may result in biological and prosthodontic difficulties. This study was conducted to measure the continuous shrinkage of the mucosal cuff around dental implants following the removal of the healing abutment up to 60 s. Individuals treated with implant-supported fixed partial dentures were(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM One of the disadvantages of a cemented implant restoration is the potential difficulty of retrieving it. The restoration may be destroyed during removal. PURPOSE The purpose of this retrospective clinical study was to assess the long-term survival rates of cemented posterior metal ceramic implant-supported prostheses (ISPs) with a(More)
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