Ofir B. Degani

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—Fully integrated 32-element symmetrical TX/RX 60-GHz RF integrated circuit (RFIC) with built-in self-test is presented. The RF bidirectional power-combining architecture with shared blocks and less than 1-dB millimeter-wave transmit/receive (T/R) switch loss achieves record size and power consumption. The RFIC features an 8-dB noise figure and 28-dBm IP1(More)
—A digitally-controlled switched-capacitor RF power amplifier (SCPA) that uses a dual-supply voltage, class-G architecture is implemented in 65nm CMOS. It implements signal envelope digital-to-analog conversion using switching functions controlled by digital logic to achieve superior efficiency and linearity at output power backoff. The SCPA delivers a peak(More)
Conserved eukaryotic signaling proteins participate in development and disease in plant-pathogenic fungi. Strains with mutations in CGA1, a heterotrimeric G protein G alpha subunit gene of the maize pathogen Cochliobolus heterostrophus, are defective in several developmental pathways. Conidia from CGA1 mutants germinate as abnormal, straight-growing germ(More)
Late wilt, a severe vascular disease of maize caused by the fungus Harpophora maydis, is characterized by rapid wilting of maize plants before tasseling and until shortly before maturity. The pathogen is currently controlled by resistant maize cultivars, but the disease is constantly spreading to new areas. The plant’s late phenological stage at which the(More)