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A three stage transformer differential cross coupled (CC) LNA and PA with integrated baluns for operation in the 57-66GHz band are presented. The LNA fabricated in a 90nm CMOS process achieves 23dB gain and 4.6dB NF at 13mA and 1.3V supply, with 0.06mm<sup>2</sup> in size. The PA, also fabricated in a 90nm CMOS process, has maximum power added efficiency(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate a single-stage 90-nm CMOS power amplifier (PA) for 2.3-2.7-GHz WiMAX (802.16e) band applications. An integrated balun is used to match the output to 50-¿ load. The PA gain and saturated power ( <i>P</i> <sub>SAT</sub>) are +18 and +32 dBm, respectively, working from a 3.3-V supply, with a peak power-added efficiency of 48%. A(More)
An integrated CMOS 60 GHz phased-array antenna module supporting symmetrical 32 TX/RX elements for wireless docking is described. Bidirectional architecture with shared blocks, mm-wave TR switch design with less than 1dB TX loss, and a full built in self test (BIST) circuits with 5deg and +/-1dB measurement accuracy of phase and power are presented. The(More)
—A switched-capacitor power amplifier (SCPA) that realizes an envelope elimination and restoration/polar class-G topology is introduced. A novel voltage-tolerant switch enables the use of two power supply voltages which increases efficiency and output power simultaneously. Envelope digital-to-analog conversion in the polar transmitter is achieved using an(More)