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Traditional recommender systems minimize prediction error with respect to users' choices. Recent studies have shown that recommender systems have a positive effect on the provider's revenue. In this paper we show that by providing a set of recommendations different than the one perceived best according to user acceptance rate, the recommendation system can(More)
Organizing data into category hierarchies (taxonomies) is useful for content discovery , search, exploration and analysis. In industrial settings targeted taxonomies for specific domains are mostly created manually, typically by domain experts, which is time consuming and requires a high level of expertise. This paper presents an algorithm and an(More)
The sensitivity of one-dimensional dynamic magic-angle spinning (MAS) and off-MAS 2H nuclear magnetic resonance spectra to changes in the parameters of jump-type molecular motions is studied. The Floquet theory approach is used to simulate spectra of spins with I = 1, which are involved in exchange processes in rotating solids. The solution of the(More)
In this paper we provide an algorithm for utility maximization of a movie supplier service, in two different settings, one with prices and the other without. This algorithm is provided along with an extensive experiment demonstrating its performance. We also uncover a phenomenon where movie consumers prefer watching and even paying for movies that they have(More)
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