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Oscillations and Sparsening of Odor Representations in the Mushroom Body
In the insect olfactory system, oscillatory synchronization is functionally relevant and reflects the coherent activation of dynamic neural assemblies. We examined the role of such oscillatoryExpand
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Transient Dynamics versus Fixed Points in Odor Representations by Locust Antennal Lobe Projection Neurons
Projection neurons (PNs) in the locust antennal lobe exhibit odor-specific dynamic responses. We studied a PN population, stimulated with five odorants and pulse durations between 0.3 and 10 s. OdorExpand
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Using noise signature to optimize spike-sorting and to assess neuronal classification quality
We have developed a simple and expandable procedure for classification and validation of extracellular data based on a probabilistic model of data generation. Expand
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Thermosensory processing in the Drosophila brain
In Drosophila, just as in vertebrates, changes in external temperature are encoded by bidirectional opponent thermoreceptor cells: some cells are excited by warming and inhibited by cooling, whereasExpand
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Measuring and Altering Mating Drive in Male Drosophila melanogaster.
Despite decades of investigation, the neuronal and molecular bases of motivational states remain mysterious. We have recently developed a novel, reductionist, and scalable system for in-depthExpand
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Detection and quantification of subtle changes in red blood cell density using a cell phone.
Magnetic levitation has emerged as a technique that offers the ability to differentiate between cells with different densities. We have developed a magnetic levitation system for this purpose thatExpand
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Detection of membrane-bound and soluble antigens by magnetic levitation.
Magnetic levitation is a technique for measuring the density and the magnetic properties of objects suspended in a paramagnetic field. We describe a novel magnetic levitation-based method that canExpand
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Neural dynamics and population coding in the insect brain.
Sensory information is represented in the brain through the activity of populations of neurons. Expand