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PURPOSE To determine the prevalence of testicular microlithiasis in patients who were referred for scrotal ultrasonography (US) at a tertiary care cancer center and to evaluate the association between microlithiasis and cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Testicular sonograms obtained in 528 men were retrospectively reviewed to identify patients with US(More)
This work presents a performance comparison of the two latest video coding standards H.264/MPEG-AVC and H.265/MPEG-HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) as well as the recently published proprietary video coding scheme VP9. According to the experimental results, which were obtained for a whole test set of video sequences by using similar encoding(More)
OBJECTIVE We determined the pattern of spread of metastatic lobular carcinoma in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis on CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS We identified 57 women (age range, 30-79 years; mean age, 57 years) with metastatic lobular carcinoma of the breast who underwent CT of the chest, abdomen, or pelvis between 1995 and 1998. Then two experienced(More)
A n enhancement of the Piecewise Constant Rate Transmission and Transport (PCRTT) algorithm for reducing the burstiness of a video stream based on smoothing constant intervals is proposed. The new algorithm, called e-PCRTT, relies on geometrical considerations rather than traditional rate-control analysis. E-PCRTT is shown to construct transmission(More)
We analyze viewer-perceived quality of a compressed video stream, transmitted over a lossy IP network with a quality of service mechanism. The parameters of the encoding schemes include the transmission bit rate, the compression depth, the frame size and the frame rate. We demonstrate that when jointly considering the impact of the coding bit rate, the(More)
DASH is new ISO/IEC MPEG and 3GPP standard for HTTP multimedia streaming that begins to be widely accepted in the industry. DASH is design to be flexible and support various multimedia formats. DASH unify the proprietary adaptive streaming solutions and suggests differing between them by using different behavioral approaches, each one best suited for the(More)
Applying video smoothing techniques to real-time video transmission can significantly reduce the peak rate and rate variability of compressed video streams. Moreover, statistical multiplexing of the smoothed traffic can substantially improve network utilization. In this paper we propose a new smoothing scheme, which exploits statistical multiplexing gain(More)
In this paper, we present a super-resolution (SR) method based on iterative backprojections. Motion information is used for the synthesis of the restoration filter in the SR method. Both, the blur estimation and the choice of the degradation model, are based on estimated global motion. The method is applied to highly under-sampled images such as DC images(More)