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The D-xylose absorption test has been used during the last four decades for evaluation of malabsorption in the small intestine. However, some disagreement still exists about the recommended method of performing this test: the 1-hr blood test, the 5-hr urine test, or both. We evaluated the test by performing 125 combined blood and urine tests in 111(More)
INTRODUCTION Local anesthetic infusion techniques have been reported to reduce opiate requirements and pain scores following different kinds of surgery, including orthopedic surgery, inguinal hernia, and Cesarean surgery in women. METHODS PRF-108 and PRF-110 formulations were applied to the wound space in an incisional model in pigs to test the hypothesis(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal stents have a proven role in colorectal cancer as palliative care or a bridge to surgery. However, their efficacy and anchoring to the tissue varies according to stent design with stent migration rates up to 50 %. We present preliminary in vivo results of a new end-luminal anchoring system for stent fixation to the rectal canal. The(More)
Four patients with cold urticaria and six control subjects were studied. Gastric acid output was measured for 1 hr before and 1 hr after the immersion of both hands in ice cold water. The mean acid output fell in the control group by 16.3%. Acid output in the cold urticaria patients rose in each case following the cold challenge. In three cases it rose by a(More)
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