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Furin, a human subtilisin-related proprotein convertase (SPC), is emerging as an important pharmaceutical target because it processes vital proteins of many aggressive pathogens. Furin inhibitors reported as yet are peptide derivatives and proteins, with the exception of andrographolides, which are natural compounds. Here we report that the small and highly(More)
Oxidative addition of aliphatic alcohols to (C(8)H(14))IrCl(PMe(3))(3) in benzene yields the cis-hydrido-alkoxo products mer-cis-HIr(OR)Cl(PMe(3))(3) (R = Me, Et, 1-pentyl, 2-propyl). The analogous hydroxo complex is prepared by oxidative addition of water in THF. The addition rate depends on the nature of the alcohol (methanol > 1-pentanol >> 2-propanol(More)
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