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Reframing the Interwar Peace Movement: The Curious Case of Albert Einstein
The diversity of transnational interrelations within the peace movement has been commonly overlooked in studies on the anti-war struggle in the interwar years. Consequently, these studies have oftenExpand
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Dominic Davies is a lecturer in English at City, University of London. He holds a DPhil and a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Oxford. His research explores theExpand
Introduction: From Weimar to the Cold War
As the Cold War order in Europe crystallized in the late 1940s and divided Germany into two antagonistic blocs, few periods suffered a worse reputation than the Weimar era. Across theExpand
Improbable Twins: The Bifurcating Heritage of Weimar Culture in Helmar Lerski and Walter Frentz's Kulturfilms
abstract:Premiered in the spring of 1935, the films Hände am Werk (Walter Frentz) and Avodah (Helmar Lerski) sought to propagate Nazism and Labor Zionism, respectively. The different ideologicalExpand
The Incredible Transformation of Dr. Bessel: Alternative Memories of the Great War in German War Films of the Late 1920s
The memory of World War I had a decisive influence on the formation of German nationalism in the years preceding the rise of National Socialism. Analyzing popular German films of the 1920s, thisExpand
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