Odysseas Benekos

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PURPOSE To investigate the correlation between the degree of hepatic, splenic, pancreatic, vertebral bone marrow (VBM), and myocardial siderosis, as expressed by relaxation rate (R2 = 1/T2) values, in patients with thalassemia. MATERIALS AND METHODS R2 relaxation rate values of liver, spleen, VBM, pancreas, and myocardium were estimated in 68 consecutive(More)
INTRODUCTION There is growing evidence that atherosclerosis, as well as endothelial biology, depend on arterial wall shear stress (WSS). Several methods of WSS calculation with varying degrees of complexity have been proposed. This study aimed at investigating whether the most straightforward and easier to apply of these methods give comparable results in(More)
Image viewing and processing software in computed radiography manipulates image contrast in such a way that all relevant image features are rendered to an appropriate degree of visibility, and improves image quality using enhancement algorithms. The purpose of this study was to investigate procedures for the quality assessment of image processing software(More)
PURPOSE To assess the performance and results of R(2) relaxometry using a fat-suppressed (FS) multiecho sequence and compare these to conventional R(2) relaxometry in estimating tissue iron overload. MATERIALS AND METHODS Relaxation rate values (R(2)=1/T2) of the liver, spleen, pancreas and vertebral bone marrow (VBM) were estimated in 21 patients with(More)
PURPOSE Wall shear stress (WSS) appears to contribute significantly in the initiation and progression of atherosclerotic disease. The purpose of this work is to present in vivo systolic and diastolic WSS calculations in the human ascending aorta by the application of three straightforward methodologies based on Poiseuille's theory of flow. MATERIALS AND(More)
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