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Posttraumatic neuroendocrine pathology may be a clinically significant complication following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Metabolic abnormalities are described after TBI in two cases. A 21 year old male injured in a motor vehicle accident admitted in a minimally responsive condition presented with fluctuating high sodium levels, undetectable serum(More)
Thin objects in 3D volumes, for instance vascular networks in medical imaging or various kinds of fibres in materials science, have been of interest for some time to computer vision. Particularly, tubular objects are everywhere elongated in one principal direction – which varies spatially – and are thin in the other two perpendicular directions. Filters for(More)
Tubular structure segmentation is an important task, with many applications in medical image analysis such as vessel segmentation both in 2D and 3D. However, this task is challenging due to the spatial sparsity of these objects, implying a high sensitivity to noise. An important cue in this context is the local orientation of the tubular structures. Using(More)
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