Odunayo M Oluwatosin

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BACKGROUND Primary extra-osseous osteogenic sarcomas have been reported in many tissues of the body but their occurrence in the breast is extremely rare. It can arise as a result of osseous metaplasia in a pre-existing benign or malignant neoplasm of the breast or as non-phylloides sarcoma from the soft tissue of a previously normal breast. CASE(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among women in Nigeria and globally. In Nigeria, late presentations of breast cancer cases have also been consistent for three decades. In an environment where there is no established national screening program for breast cancer, it is pertinent to assess the knowledge of breast cancer and its early detection(More)
BACKGROUND Early detection of breast cancer is vital to effective management and outcome of breast cancer. It has been suggested that women given information and instruction about breast self- examination and breast awareness by health care professionals demonstrated higher knowledge and confidence and tend to practice breast self-examination more than(More)
BACKGROUND More involvement of sub-Saharan African countries in biomedical studies, specifically in genetic research, is needed to advance individualized medicine that will benefit non-European populations. Missing infrastructure, cultural and religious beliefs as well as lack of understanding of research benefits can pose a challenge to recruitment. Here(More)
Breast cancer is one of the most important causes of increased women death rate in the world. Mammography is the most efficient approach for the early identification of breast diseases. The major objective of mammography is to identify small, non-palpable cancers during its premature stage. On the other hand, mammograms are extremely complicated to(More)
Hearing impairment is due to various causes including ototoxicity from aminoglycosides. The susceptibility to aminoglycosides increases in the presence of certain mitochondria gene mutations. There is unrestrained use of aminoglycosides in many developing nations which may worsen the burden of hearing impairment in these countries but there is lack of data(More)
BACKGROUND The anecdotal fear of using cautery for surgical incisions is still common in surgical practice despite recent evidences. The aim of this study is to compare the results of electrocautery and the scalpel in skin incisions. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a prospective randomized double blind study conducted in the Department of Surgery, of a(More)
This paper seeks to establish normal orofacial indices in Nigerian children under the age of 12. The children were grouped according to age and sex. The indices studied were: mouth width/upper vermilion are with lip relaxed; coefficient of upper lip curvature; upper lip height/mouth width; height of cutaneous upper lip/upper lip height; height of upper(More)
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