Odon Thiébeauld

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RNA-DEPENDENT RNA POLYMERASE 6 (RDR6) is a key RNA silencing factor initially characterized in transgene silencing and virus resistance. This enzyme also contributes to the biosynthesis of endogenous short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) from non-coding RNAs, transposable elements and protein-coding transcripts. One class of protein-coding transcripts that have(More)
Plant viruses have evolved several unconventional translational strategies that allow efficient expression of more than one protein from their compact, multifunctional RNAs, as well as regulation of polycistronic translation in the infected plant cell. Here, we review recent advances in our understanding of these unconventional mechanisms, which include(More)
The plant viral re-initiation factor transactivator viroplasmin (TAV) activates translation of polycistronic mRNA by a re-initiation mechanism involving translation initiation factor 3 (eIF3) and the 60S ribosomal subunit (60S). QJ;Here, we report a new plant factor-re-initiation supporting protein (RISP)-that enhances TAV function in re-initiation. RISP(More)
The prototype foamy virus (PFV) is a nonpathogenic retrovirus that shows promise as a vector for gene transfer. The PFV (pre)genomic RNA starts with a long complex leader that can be folded into an elongated hairpin, suggesting an alternative strategy to cap-dependent linear scanning for translation initiation of the downstream GAG open reading frame (ORF).(More)
Thank you for submitting your manuscript to the EMBO Journal. Your study has now been seen by three referees and their comments to authors are provided below. As you can see, the referees appreciate the analysis and find the identification of RISK and the characterization of its role in TAV-dependent reinitiation interesting. However, they also raise a(More)
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