Odimariles MS Dantas

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis is still a great challenge to public health in Brazil and worldwide. Early detection followed by effective therapy is extremely important in controlling the disease. Recent studies have investigated reasons for delays in treatment, but there is no agreed definition of what constitutes an "acceptable" delay. This study investigates(More)
BACKGROUND In most case control studies the hardest decision is the choice of the control group, as in the ideal control group the proportion exposed is the same as in the population that produced the cases. METHODS A comparison of two control groups in a case control study of the efficacy of BCG revaccination. One group was selected from subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis is a major disease worldwide and most research focus on risk factors for adults, although there is a marked adolescent peak in incidence. The objective of this study was to identify risk factors for tuberculosis in children aged 7 to 19. METHODS A case control study matched by age with 169 cases and 477 controls. The study(More)
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