Odile Piton

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The extraction of relation between Named Entities (NE) has become the last few years an interesting research domain. It is very useful for many applications such as Web mining, Information extraction and retrieval, Business intelligence, Automatic databases filing with Entities & types, Questions answering task and document Summarization. Several works has(More)
We intend on developing electronic dictionaries and Finite State Transducers for the automatic processing of the Albanian Language. We describe some peculiarities of this language and we explain how FST and generally speaking NooJ’s graphs enable to treat them. We point out agglutinated words, mixed words or ‘XY’ words that are not (or cannot be) listed(More)
In the following article we elected to study with NooJ the lexis of a 17 century text, Mary Astell's seminal essay, A Serious Proposal to the Ladies, part I, published in 1694. We first focused on the semantics to see how Astell builds her vindication of the female sex, which words she uses to sensitise women to their alienated condition and promote their(More)
If the use of the apostrophe in contemporary English often marks the Saxon genitive, it may also indicate the omission of one or more letters. Some writers (wrongly?) use it to mark the plural in symbols or abbreviations, visualised thanks to the isolation of the morpheme “s”. This punctuation mark was imported from the Continent in the 16 century. During(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Après avoir exposé la constitution du corpus, nous recensons les principales différences ou particularités linguistiques de la langue anglaise du XVII siècle, les analysons du point de vue morphologique et syntaxique et proposons des équivalents en anglais contemporain (AC). Nous montrons comment nous pouvons effectuer une transcription automatique(More)
Our work concerns proper names or "named entities" in NLP, in a multilingual context and in the spirit of the action "Technolangue" launched in France by the Ministry for Research, the Ministry for the Culture and the Communication and the Ministry for the Economy, Finances and Industry in 2002, with the purpose of production, validation and diffusion of(More)
The recognition of Arabic Named Entities (NE) is a problem in different domains of Natural Language Processing (NLP) like automatic translation. Indeed, NE translation allows the access to multilingual information. This translation doesn’t always lead to expected result especially when NE contains a person name. For this reason and in order to ameliorate(More)