Odile Bourquardez

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— In this paper, we propose a visual servoing scheme to align an airplane with respect to a runway. A linearized model of the airplane dynamics and decoupled visual features are designed to build the control scheme. Simulation results are obtained with a quite realistic flight simulator which is based on a non linear airplane dynamic model. They show that(More)
A principle of distributed decision making of cellular robotic system (CEBOT), " in Proc. IEEE Int. Proposal for cooperative robot " Gunryu " composed of autonomous segments, " Robot. Hormone-inspired self-organization and distributed control of robotic swarms, " Auton. Abstract—In this paper, we investigate a range of image-based visual servo control(More)
— Image moments provide an important class of image features used for image-based visual servo control. Spherical image moments have the additional desirable property that they are invariant under rotation of the camera frame. For these features one can study the local and global stability and performance of the position control independently of the(More)
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