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The authorship of Uri Zohar: the ethics and aesthetics of the Archimedean lever
ABSTRACTThis article discusses Zohar’s subversive reflexive aesthetics, termed the “Archimedean-lever ethics,” comprised of three stages: the world rendered from one perspective; the same world ren...
Replacement, objet a and the dynamic of desire/fantasy in Rebecca
The authors argue that the unattainability of the object on the screen that characterises the ontology of cinema, alongside narrative film’s unique techniques, makes it possible for spectators to letExpand
Dream and Fantasy in Shutter Island: Trauma, Historical Guilt, and Ethics
ABSTRACT This article proposes an historical reading of Shutter Island (Martin Scorsese, 2010) that weaves a complex and puzzling narrative, swaying between the protagonist's dreams and memories (hisExpand