Odette Mizrahy

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Lactase deficiency and lactose tolerance were studied in several Jewish communities in Israel. Lactase deficiency was found in 60% of biopsied subjects. Forty-one biopsies were peroral and 22, surgical; histologically, the jejunal mucosa of all specimens was normal. Lactose tolerance tests were performed on 217 subjects, 118 patients and 99normals. A low(More)
Serum beta-glucuronidase (S beta G) activity was investigated as an early indicator of diabetes in pregnant women. The enzyme activity was determined in the sera of three groups: nonpregnant women (18 to 40 years old) with and without glucose intolerance, pregnant women with and without glucose intolerance, and pregnant women with a family history of(More)
The present survey studies the triangular association of serum lipid levels, atherosclerosis, and age in an elderly (50 to 80 + years) population of 469 subjects with various clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis as well as "healthy" elderly subjects. In general, the average concentration of serum lipid constituents were not influenced by sex, age,(More)
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