Odette Auzende

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Moodle is a well-known open source system to support teaching and learning through the web. It provides Quiz, a tool for learning assessment, which is also adopted by a large community along the world. Another tool that allows automatic assessment within Moodle is the iAssign package. iAssign provides means for integrating interactive Learning Modules (iLM)(More)
With the massive use of the Web, numerous sites proposing exercises have appeared. The great difficulty for teachers and students is to find suitable exercises for the discovery of a new subject, training, revision or evaluation. On the basis of the teachers' reflections, on how they determine the exercises which they need, we extracted the characteristics(More)
The advance of technology has now made it possible for learners to learn at their own pace and at the time of their choice; they have at their disposal a variety of exercises created by pedagogues that enable them to acquire particular knowledge. Therefore, creating repositories of interoperable exercises is a challenge we must answer. Here, we describe an(More)
Teachers want to remedy the problem of heterogeneous levels of students before teaching a new concept. To deeply check a competency, we propose a system generating error driven adaptive training sequences. A test is created thanks to a bank of exercises. At each failure, the error detection mechanism is called and each detected misconception is taken into(More)
The eLup software helps e-learning actors to structure and to document the quality approach adopted by their organization. The actors are able to reuse the knowledge of the European project e-Quality. They can start with the e-Quality information, adapt them to their needs and build their own model. A user describes a quality approach with activities,(More)
The aim of the PPTS project (Pedagogical Platoon Training System) is to design and implement an evaluation environment for strategic and tactical skills, coupled to a network of full-scale simulators of the LECLERC tank. The three-level architecture adopted here is modelled on the levels of expertise, technical, tactic and strategic. The technical level is(More)
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