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Mie theory is used to model the backscattering ratio (the ratio of the backscattering coefficient to the total scattering coefficient) of marine particles with the assumption that they follow a Junge-type size distribution. Results show that the backscattering ratio is very sensitive to the presence of submicrometer particles and depends strongly on the(More)
Red clover is an important forage legume species for temperate regions and very little is known about the genetic organization of its breeding populations. We used random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) genetic markers to address the genetic diversity and the distribution of variation in 20 breeding populations and cultivars from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay,(More)
The eastern South Pacific (ESP) oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) is a permanent hydrographic feature located directly off the coasts of northern Chile and Peru. The ESP OMZ reaches from coastal waters out to thousands of kilometers offshore, and can extend from the near surface to depths greater than 700 m. Oxygen minimum zones support unique microbial assemblages(More)
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