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This paper argues that the economics of the family can be much enriched by incorporating recent developments in evolutionary biology, animal behavior studies, cultural evolution, anthropology, and game theory. Evolutionary foundations of sympathy between relatives are explored. Applications of the theory of cultural evolution to the demographic transition(More)
Two different BB-rat subpopulations were followed over 7 inbred generations under identical environmental conditions: BB/OK as derived in 1983 from the original stock in Ottawa, BB/PhiK as derived in 1983 from a stock at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. They showed significant differences in incidence, age at onset, untreated survival time of(More)
Griliches and the anonymous referee for very helpful comments. Partial financial support from the World Bank through RPO 676-24 is gratefully acknowledged. How can parents secure old-age support in the form of care, attention or financial transfers from their children? We explore the enforcement of implicit intergenerational agreements from a fresh angle by(More)
The six original haplotypes described in the Ag-B system were compared with their counterparts in the H-1 system. Antisera to the Ag-B haplotypes raised in inbred rats and antisera to H-1 haplotypes raised in congenic lines were tested against various panels of cell from inbred and congenic lines by the dextran and Ficoll haemagglutination methods. The(More)