Oded Reuveni

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A procedure for in vitro propagation of dioecious papaya clones is described. A high rate of success in culture estbalishment was obtained when axillary buds were taken from lateral shoots of hedged rooted cuttings grown in a greenhouse. Seasonal endophytic contamination was suppressed by shaking propagules for 24 h in 300 mgl-1 rifampicin or by(More)
The effect of stimulating and inhibitory factors on the development of lateral roots was studied in Pinus pinea seedlings grown in a nutrient solution. In an intact root system, only 10–15% of the emerging lateral roots continue to elongate. Removing the tap root tip increased the number and length of the elongating lateral roots but the total number of the(More)
The presence of a rooting promoter in paratially purified extracts of avocado (Persea amricana Mill.) organs has been demonstrated using the mung bean rooting bioassay. Extraction with 80% methanol was followed by partition into diethyl ether, paper chromatography (PC) and 3 steps of thin layer chromatography (TLC). The number of roots induced by the(More)
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