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In this paper we introduce a variant of temporal logic tailored for specifying desired properties of continuous signals. The logic is based on a bounded subset of the real-time logic MITL, augmented with a static mapping from continuous domains into propositions. From formulae in this logic we create automatically property monitors that can check whether a(More)
We apply the symbolic analysis principle to pushdown systems We represent possibly in nite sets of con gurations of such systems by means of nite state automata In order to reason in a uniform way about analysis problems involving both existential and universal path quanti ca tion such as model checking for branching time logics we consider the more general(More)
We present a scalable reachability algorithm for hybrid systems with piecewise affine, non-deterministic dynamics. It combines polyhedra and support function representations of continuous sets to compute an over-approximation of the reachable states. The algorithm improves over previous work by using variable time steps to guarantee a given local error(More)
This paper presents algorithms for the automatic synthesis of real time controllers by nding a winning strategy for certain games de ned by the timed automata of Alur and Dill In such games the outcome depends on the players actions as well as on their timing We believe that these results will pave the way for the application of program synthesis techniques(More)
Kronos [8,10,7,11,20,16,4,3,9] is a software tool aiming at assisting designers of real-time systems to develop projects meeting the specified requirements. One major objective of Kronos is to provide a verification engine to be integrated into design environments for real-time systems in a wide range of application areas. Real-time communication protocols(More)
In this paper we consider a class of hybrid systems namely dy namical systems with piecewise constant derivatives PCD systems Such systems consist of a partition of the Euclidean space into a nite set of polyhedral sets regions Within each region the dynamics is de ned by a constant vector eld hence discrete transitions occur only on the boundaries between(More)
We propose a framework for the formal speci cation and veri cation of timed and hybrid systems For timed systems we propose a speci cation language that refers to time only through age functions which measure the length of the most recent time interval in which a given formula has been continuously true We then consider hybrid systems which are systems(More)
We consider temporal logic formulae specifying constraints in continuous time and space on the behaviors of continuous and hybrid dynamical system admitting uncertain parameters. We present several variants of robustness measures that indicate how far a given trajectory stands, in space and time, from satisfying or violating a property. We present a method(More)
In this paper we describe an experimental system called d dt for approximating reachable states for hybrid systems whose con tinuous dynamics is de ned by linear di erential equations We use an approximation algorithm whose accumulation of errors during the con tinuous evolution is much smaller than in previously used methods The d dt system can so far(More)