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A fundamental challenge in human health is the identification of disease-causing genes. Recently, several studies have tackled this challenge via a network-based approach, motivated by the observation that genes causing the same or similar diseases tend to lie close to one another in a network of protein-protein or functional interactions. However, most of(More)
The prioritization of candidate disease-causing genes is a fundamental challenge in the post-genomic era. Current state of the art methods exploit a protein-protein interaction (PPI) network for this task. They are based on the observation that genes causing phenotypically-similar diseases tend to lie close to one another in a PPI network. However, to date,(More)
SUMMARY PRINCIPLE is a Java application implemented as a Cytoscape plug-in, based on a previously published algorithm, PRINCE. Given a query disease, it prioritizes disease-related genes based on their closeness in a protein-protein interaction network to genes causing phenotypically similar disorders to the query disease. AVAILABILITY Implemented in(More)
In classical biology, each biological lab focused on the little details of the whole biological system. It mostly investigated a single gene or a number of elements that constitute a part of a large system. With the progression of the technology, and the collection of large-scale data ,a new trend began in biological research called Systems Biology. This(More)
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