Oddbjørn Gjerde

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The methods and tools needed for security of supply assessment range from long term market models for predicting future generation and load patterns to more detailed network simulation models for analyzing contingencies and reliability of supply for delivery points. This paper describes an integrated approach for security of electricity supply analysis, by(More)
Failures in critical infrastructures can cause major damage to society. Wide-area interruptions (blackouts) in the electricity supply system have severe impacts on societal critical functions and other critical infrastructures, but there is no agreed-upon framework on how to analyze and predict the reliability of electricity supply. Thus, there is a need(More)
The reliability of protection systems has a considerable effect on the reliability of supply, and hence appropriate protection system reliability models must be incorporated in power system reliability studies. These studies assume increasing prominence, especially in the wake of influx of smart grid technologies, making it imperative to handle the(More)
This paper addresses the needs for monitoring vulnerability in power systems related to extraordinary events. An analysis framework is described to identify threats, vulnerabilities, unwanted events and consequences. Vulnerability is an internal characteristic of the system comprising susceptibility and coping capacity towards natural hazards, human or(More)
-This paper illustrates the challenges associated with risk assessment for reinvestments decisions. A holistic framework for risk assessment in electricity distribution systems will be described first and then used to structure the analysis and decision making in a case study concerning cable reinvestment. These decisions are generally multi criteria(More)
Relatively fewer studies exist in literature on including the complex effects of transmission protection system related failure dependencies in the reliability prediction models. Usage of extensive Markov models has been usually advocated to capture the impact of protection system reliability on power system reliability. A new analytical method which makes(More)
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