Odd-Inge Solem

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Morphological characters were compared in parr (total length 33-166 mm) of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar sampled from eight wild populations in three regions, three in northern, two in the middle and three in southern Norway, covering a distance of 1700 km (from 70° N to 58° N). On the basis of morphological characters 94·6% of the individuals were correctly(More)
Pre-winter lipid stores of brown trout Salmo trutta L. parr were compared along altitudinal (0-920 m a.s.l.) and latitudinal (58-71° N) gradients. There were increases in lipid content (size adjusted to common lipid-free dry mass of 2·0 g, corresponding to fresh mass of 10 g) with both increasing altitude and latitude. Mean size-adjusted lipid content for(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence is lacking on whether fat infiltration in the multifidus muscles affects outcomes after total disc replacement (TDR) surgery and if it develops after surgery. The aims of this study were 1) to investigate whether pre-treatment multifidus muscle fat infiltration predicts outcome 2 years after treatment with TDR surgery or(More)
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