Odd Gunnar Paulsen

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A 56-year old man was admitted for elective mitral valve repair and coronary artery bypass surgery due to mitral valve leakage and unstable angina. After induction of anaesthesia he developed a combined metabolic and respiratory acidosis. Different diagnosis were considered and we decided to treat the patient with dantrolene due to suspicion of malignant(More)
An earlier study (Sølvberg & Blakar (1975)) testified to subtle differences in communication efficiency over different communication situations by parental couples with and without schizophrenic offspring. The present study is offered as a replication of this study, but whereas the participating couples in the original study were recruited from a big city(More)
For parents, the experience of having an infant in the NICU is often psychologically traumatic. No parent can be fully prepared for the extreme stress and range of emotions of caring for a critically ill newborn. As health care providers familiar with the NICU, we thought that we understood the impact of the NICU on parents. But we were not prepared to see(More)
Methods Three on call Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) crews (HEMS physician, HEMS crew member and pilot) participated in a simulation exercise on management of a patient with potential symptoms of Ebola virus disease. A HEMS physician trained as a simulation training facilitator facilitated the simulation. Goals for the simulation exercises(More)
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