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Sound features are blended together en route to the central nervous system before being discriminated for further processing by the cortical synaptic network. The mechanisms underlying this synaptic processing, however, are largely unexplored. Intracortical processing of the auditory signal was investigated by simultaneously recording from pairs of(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify stage-specific induction of molecular pathology pathways in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). METHODS We performed mRNA profiling using muscles from fetopsies, infants (aged 8 to 10 months), and symptomatic patients (aged 5 to 12 years) with DMD, and age- and sex-matched controls. We performed immunohistochemistry to determine(More)
Mental workload is seen as a key factor in defining performance and expertise in some complex work environments, but there are no validated instruments for assessing mental workload in anaesthesia. We studied the mental workload of 20 anaesthetists of varying levels of experience, during five routine cases each, by measuring the delay in their responses to(More)
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