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With the expansion of Internet and its importance, the types and number of the attacks have also grown making intrusion detection an increasingly important technique. In this work we have realized a misuse detection system based on genetic algorithm (GA) approach. For evolving and testing new rules for intrusion detection the KDD99Cup training and testing(More)
—This paper presents an approach to design Electronic Systems Curricula for making electronics more appealing to students. Since electronics is an important grounding for other disciplines (computer science, signal processing, and communications), this approach proposes the development of multidisciplinary projects using the project-based learning (PBL)(More)
Traditional approaches for fixed-point characterization are based on long simulations or additive noise models that do not show the nonlinear behavior of the quantization operations in reasonable time. In this paper, a novel interval-based approach that provides both tighter and faster results than the existing approaches is presented. It is based on a(More)
—Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems have excellent potential to improve the regular operation and maintenance of structures. Wireless networks (WNs) have been used to avoid the high cost of traditional generic wired systems. The most important limitation of SHM wireless systems is time-synchronization accuracy, scalability, and reliability. A(More)
Specifications of data computations may not necessarily describe the ranges of the intermediate results that can be generated. However, such information is critical to determine the bit-widths of the resources required for a data-path implementation. In this paper, we present a novel approach based on interval computations that provides, not only guaranteed(More)
In this paper we address the combined application of word-length allocation and architectural synthesis of digital signal processing systems for field programmable gate array devices. These two design tasks are traditionally performed sequentially, thus lessening the overall design complexity, but ignoring forward and backward dependencies that may lead to(More)
From its introduction in the last decade, affine arithmetic (AA) has shown beneficial properties to speed up the time of computation procedures in a wide variety of areas. In the determination of the optimum set of finite word-lengths of the digital signal processing systems, the use of AA has been recently suggested by several authors, but the existing(More)