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Infections caused by pathogenic bacteria could cause an expressive negative impact on human health. A significant enhance in resistance to commercial antibiotics has been observed in all kinds of pathogenic bacteria. In order to find novel approaches to control such common infections, a wide number of defense peptides with bactericidal properties have been(More)
Among the main classes of cysteine-stabilized antimicrobial peptides, the snakin/GASA family has not yet had any structural characterization. Through the combination of ab initio and comparative modeling with a disulfide bond predictor, the three-dimensional structure prediction of snakin-1 is reported here. The structure was composed of two long α-helices(More)
Bacterial pathogens cause an expressive negative impact worldwide on human health, with ever increasing treatment costs. A significant rise in resistance to commercial antibiotics has been observed in pathogenic bacteria responsible for urinary and gastro-intestinal infections. Towards the development of novel approaches to control such common infections, a(More)
Dengue virus causes about 100 million cases of dengue disease per year in the world. Laboratory diagnosis is done mainly by serological techniques, which in many cases use crude virus extracts that may cause cross-reactions to other flaviviruses. These undesirable cross-reactions can be reduced or eliminated by using recombinant proteins based on restricted(More)
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infectious diseases at the community level. In order to assess the adequacy of empirical therapy, the susceptibility of antibiotics and resistance pattern of bacteria responsible for UTI in West Bengal, India, were evaluated throughout the period of 2008-2013. The infection reports belonging to all age(More)
The antimicrobial peptides (AMP) have been proposed as an alternative to control resistant pathogens. However, due to multifunctional properties of several AMP classes, until now there has been no way to perform efficient AMP identification, except through in vitro and in vivo tests. Nevertheless, an indication of activity can be provided by prediction(More)
Recently, defense peptides that are able to act against several targets have been characterized. The present work focuses on structural and functional evaluation of the peptide analogue Pa-MAP, previously isolated as an antifreeze peptide from Pleuronectes americanus. Pa-MAP showed activities against different targets such as tumoral cells in culture(More)
Obesity is a multifactor disease associated with cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension. Recently, gut microbiota was linked to obesity pathogenesisand shown to influence the host metabolism. Moreover, several factors such as host-genotype and life-style have been shown to modulate gut microbiota composition. Exercise is a well-known agent used for(More)