Octavio Juarez

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Currently, there are many hypertext-like tools and database retrieval systems that use keyword search as a means of navigation. While useful for certain tasks, keyword search is insufficient for browsing databases of data-graphics. SageBook is a system that searches among existing data-graphics, so that they can be reused with new data. In order to fulfill(More)
A basic question in mining data from an intelligent tutoring system is, " What happened when…? " A tool to answer such questions should let the user specify which phenomena to explore; find instances of them; summarize them in human-understandable form; explore the context where they occurred; dynamically drill down and adjust which details to display;(More)
We present three novel tools for creating data graphics: (1) SageBrush, for assembling graphics from primitive objects like bars, lines and axes, (2) SageBook, for browsing previously created graphics relevant to current needs, and (3) SAGE, a knowledge-based presentation system that automatically designs graphics and also interprets a user's specifications(More)
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