Octavio J. Salcedo

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A SCADA-data based data mining approach to estimate wind turbine loads Prevalence of, risk factors for, and oxidative stress associated with Toxoplasma gondii antibodies among Egyptian asymptomatic blood donors Content independant metadata production as a machine learning problem Sahar Changuel and Nicolas Labroche
presente artículo describe la implementación de un sistema de predicción de fallos en redes LAN (fallos de timeout y rechazo en las conexiones), utilizando redes neuronales artificiales Perceptrón Multicapa. Se describe como se implementó el sistema, las pruebas realizadas para la selección de los parámetros propios de la red neuronal, como del algoritmo de(More)
The evaluation of quality of service QoS specifically in the packet routing satisfies the requirements of performance and maximizes the utilization of network’s resources by means of selection of paths based on the resources needed. More of the investigations about the quality of service are related to the routing, and they focus inside of(More)
SIP is probably one a of the most important protocols for Internet, it has the faculty to make calls from Internet, mutually with TCP/IP and HTTP, they become to Internet in the architecture which people enjoy daily. Thinking to future what better idea that SIP would be a standard for VoIP signaling over Internet. The VoIP providers actually are systems(More)
This article details the design of a traffic system model for vehicles, which examines the traffic traveling through a series of traffic lights on a main road in Bogota. The Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System is used to synchronize the time of duration and phase angle of the traffic lights, and also tries to maintain the maximum possible velocity(More)
This paper addresses the low power mechanisms provided by the ZigBee and the 6LoWPAN Protocol, providing comparative assessments based on the results obtained by different researchers and available in specialized literature, running through experimental measurements on digital test banks. For a performance comparison, the parameters of each protocol have(More)
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