Octavio Frieyro

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Mesh prosthesis, local anesthesia, and ambulatory care have been widely introduced in recent decades in the treatment of inguinal hernia. The use of antibiotic prophylaxis during open inguinal hernia repair has been controversial. No prospective trial has been conducted to assess the role of antibiotic prophylaxis in patients operated on for inguinal hernia(More)
Changes in the expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) in the peritoneum could be involved in the peritoneal dysfunction associated with peritoneal inflammation. Demonstrated recently in bovine endothelial cells was the existence of cytosolic proteins that bind to the 3'-untranslated region (3'-UTR) of eNOS mRNA and could be implicated in(More)
BACKGROUND Spigelian hernias are rare defects of the abdominal wall usually appearing between the abdominal muscles, lateral to the rectus abdominis and through a debilitated Spigelian aponeurosis. Recently, mesh repair has been introduced for the treatment of these types of hernias and different approaches have been proposed. METHODS Nine patients with(More)
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