Octavian Tabara

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The paper presents the magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles used in hybrid biomaterials, showing the difference between the ferrite nanopowder and the bulk one. The samples, measured by the vibrating sample magnetometer VSM-7304 LakeShore include materials composed by ferrite nanoparticles coated with sodium alginate or chitosan biopolymers. The(More)
Hysteresis is a phenomenon encountered in a lot of scientific domains. This paper presents a representation of hysteresis modeling using Preisach algorithm, starting from minimal measured data. Numerical results show a good agreement between theoretical and represented data. Measured data is done for a metro card in case of a transversal and in case of a(More)
Preisach model offers a description of blocking-unblocking mechanism suffered by the material walls. This article presents a method for characterization and modeling of hysteresis magnetic materials, based on computation of probability density function in Preisach plane. Results on different types of materials are shown using Biorci method implementation.
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