Octavian Mihai Machidon

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Today's IT organizations who act as service providers are under increasing pressure to keep up with the continuous and growing demand for IT services. Through the shift from interactive, manual processes to automated, self-deployment of resources, the providers can increase the efficiency of delivering on-demand services. Virtualized resources, particularly(More)
Encryption of critical information is usually resource-intensive. The solution developed by the authors represents an efficient method for data encryption that uses cellular automata. The original contributions are mostly at the implementation level. A demonstrator based on FPGA boards was integrated with a new top-down LabVIEW approach that doesn't need(More)
As the “Everything as a Service” paradigm is getting more and more popular today, a domain that can benefit from such an approach is digital system design. Integrating software tools and workflows together with target devices by the means of web services is a methodology that can raise the availability of hardware design experiences in the(More)
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