Octavian Curea

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Microgrids (MGs) are promising electrical systems based on Distributed Generation and with high penetration of renewable energy sources. One important feature of MGs is the islanding capability: if there is a disturbance in the main grid, the MG will be automatically disconnected. In theory, once in islanding, the MG can continue the electrical generation(More)
Microgrids (MGs) are one of the most promising electrical systems for the next years. Since the definition of the MG paradigm by the first time, the investigation in this area is growing continuously and there are numerous research projects in this moment over the world. This paper makes a survey focused on two important features of MGs: unplanned islanding(More)
Smart Grids (SGs) constitute the evolution of the traditional electrical grid towards a new paradigm, which should increase the reliability, the security and, at the same time, reduce the costs of energy generation, distribution and consumption. Electrical microgrids (MGs) can be considered the first stage of this evolution of the grid, because of the(More)
The aim of this research study has been to design a gain scheduling (GS) digital controller in order to control the voltage of an islanded microgrid in the presence of fast varying loads (FVLs), and to compare it to a robust controller. The inverter which feeds the microgrid is connected to it through an inductance-capacitor-inductance (LCL) filter. The(More)
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