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In this paper we propose a new scheme based on adaptive critics for finding online the state feedback, infinite horizon, optimal control solution of linear continuous-time systems using only partial knowledge regarding the system dynamics. In other words, the algorithm solves online an algebraic Riccati equation without knowing the internal dynamics model(More)
Nagumo's condition, also known as the sub-tangency condition, characterizes the set invariance with respect to the trajectories of dynamical systems. The general formulation of Nagumo's condition considers a comprehensive framework, referring to time-variant nonlinear systems and generic sets with arbitrary shapes. For time-variant linear dynamical systems(More)
Significant research effort has been directed towards developing vehicle systems that reduce the energy consumption of an automobile and because pressure control valves are used as actuators in many control applications for automotive systems, a proper dynamic model is necessary. Starting from equations found in literature, where a single stage pressure(More)