Octavian Călborean

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The standardization of HIV-1 strains for vaccine tests include the use of viral reference panels. We determined a series of pharmacological descriptors (molecular surfaces, volumes, electrostatic energies, solvation energies, number of atoms, number of hydrogen donors or acceptors and number of rigid bonds) for the gp120 CD4-binding sites structures in the(More)
THz spectroscopy is a very powerful tool in investigating the vibrational modes and conformational transitions of biomolecules. Here we have used THz spectroscopy to study the vibrational spectrum of bovine serum albumin, a protein whose 3D structure is yet unknown. Experimental data were fitted with theoretical spectra obtained by normal modes analysis of(More)
The function of the epithelial Na+ channel from the apical membrane of many Na+ transporting epithelia is modulated by various chemical compounds from the extracellular space, such as heavy metals, protons or chloride ions. We have studied the effect of extracellular Cd2+ on the function of the epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC) in heterologously expressed(More)
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