Octavian Beldiman

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– The deÞning characteristic of a networked control system (NCS) is having a feedback loop that passes through a local area computer network. Our two-step design approach includes using standard control methodologies and choosing the network protocol and bandwidth in order to ensure important closed-loop properties are preserved when a computer network is(More)
A networked control system is characterized by having a feedback loop closed through a local area network. This paper considers methods for scheduling the use of the network to guarantee both stability and controller performance. We propose and validate algorithms for choosing message identiÞers for dynamically scheduled networked control systems. Two(More)
A simple model for ideal control networks is proposed in this paper. A model for hybrid systems due to Witsenhausen is extended by adding both a discrete output and input. This extended model is used for modeling an ideal network of interactive hybrid systems. An equivalence is established between the network model and the Witsenhausen model. This(More)
This paper provides a general framework of Networked Control Systems. An Internet based NCS is simulated and TCP/IP communication issue of data streams in Networked Control Systems (NCS) is evaluated. The network is simulated with the ns-2 package, a widespread state-of-the-art open-source network simulator package for studying packet dynamics in
In this thesis we model and analyze complex distributed control systems known as control networks. We discuss a class of hybrid systems called switched systems or Witsenhausen systems. We study the existence of a solution to the state trajectory equation as well as conditions for global existence of solutions. We also present a discussion about the(More)
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