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Reducing energy consumption in the Telecom industry has become a major research challenge to the Internet community. Towards this end, numerous research works have been carried out to mitigate the growth of energy consumption through intelligent network control mechanisms. This paper proposes a novel approach to achieving energy efficiency in ISP backbone(More)
Energy efficiency has become a major research topic in the Internet community as a result of unprecedented rise in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. One typical approach towards energy efficiency is to select a subset of IP routers or interfaces that will go to sleep mode during the off-peak period. However, on-the-fly network(More)
Energy Aware Traffic Engineering has been gaining steadily increasing interest due to the cost reduction benefits it can offer to network operators and for environmental reasons. While numerous approaches exist that attempt to provide energy reduction benefits by intelligently manipulating the network devices and their configuration, most of them suffer(More)
Ever since the inception of Internet, scalability has been a major concern to the Internet world. As many Internet Protocol addresses are allocated/assigned, there is rapid increase in the routing table. In view of ameliorating this pitfall, there is need for proper aggregation. Aggregation is the key solution to solving the increase of allocated addresses(More)
Switching off network links/nodes for energy efficiency is no longer a new thing to the Internet community but the important thing is its dynamic deployment. Up until now, the normal paradigm in energy aware traffic engineering is to deploy a pruned network topology based on historic traffic matrices or to manipulate, on the fly, the traffic routings based(More)
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