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Novel, Anti-hTNF-α Variable New Antigen Receptor Formats with Enhanced Neutralizing Potency and Multifunctionality, Generated for Therapeutic Development
The management of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis has significantly improved over the last decade with the clinical availabilityExpand
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Cancer therapy: Targeting mitochondria and other sub-cellular organelles.
Tumour cell death is required for the clearance of malignant cells and is a vital part of the mechanism of natural tumour suppression. Cancer cells, having acquired multiple deregulated pathwaysExpand
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In Vitro Maturation of a Humanized Shark VNAR Domain to Improve Its Biophysical Properties to Facilitate Clinical Development
Molecular engineering to increase the percentage identity to common human immunoglobulin sequences of non-human therapeutic antibodies and scaffolds has become standard practice. This strategy isExpand
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Monoclonal Antibodies and Antibody Like Fragments Derived from Immunised Phage Display Libraries
Morbidity and mortality associated with infectious diseases are always on the rise, especially in poorer countries and in the aging population. The inevitable, but unpredictable emergence of newExpand
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Phage Display Derived IgNAR V Region Binding Domains for Therapeutic Development.
Phage display technology has revolutionized the science of drug discovery by transforming the generation and manipulation of ligands, such as antibody fragments, enzymes, and peptides. The basis ofExpand
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Next-generation flexible formats of VNAR domains expand the drug platform's utility and developability.
Smaller, less complex binders, with increased domain valency, multi-specific/paratopic targeting, tuneable serum half-life and low inherent immunogenicity are a few of the characteristics being explored by the next generation of biologic molecules. Expand
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An Anti-hTNF-α Variable New Antigen Receptor Format Demonstrates Superior in vivo Preclinical Efficacy to Humira® in a Transgenic Mouse Autoimmune Polyarthritis Disease Model
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), an established pro-inflammatory cytokine plays a central role in the induction and progression of several chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. TargetingExpand
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In Vitro Maturation of a Humanized Shark VNAR Domain to Improve Its Biophysical Properties.
VNAR domains are the binding regions of new antigen receptor proteins (IgNAR) which are unique to sharks, skates, and rays (Elasmobranchii). Individual VNAR domains can bind antigens independentlyExpand
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In Vitro ELISA and Cell-Based Assays Confirm the Low Immunogenicity of VNAR Therapeutic Constructs in a Mouse Model of Human RA: An Encouraging Milestone to Further Clinical Drug Development
Anti-drug antibodies (ADAs), specific for biotherapeutic drugs, are associated with reduced serum drug levels and compromised therapeutic response. The impact of ADA on the bioavailability andExpand