Obaidullah Aseem

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We examined the relative influences of pre-fight housing condition, contest intensity, and contest outcome in modulating post-fight stress hormone concentrations in territorial male convict cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus). Individuals were housed either in isolation or in semi-natural communal tanks. Pairs of male cichlids that differed considerably(More)
Cubilin is an endocytic receptor highly expressed in renal proximal tubules, where it mediates uptake of albumin and filtered forms of apoA-I/HDL. Cubilin deficiency leads to urinary loss of albumin and apoA-I; however, the consequences of cubilin loss on the homeostasis of blood albumin and apoA-I/HDL have not been studied. Using mice heterozygous for(More)
Cubilin is an endocytic receptor that is necessary for renal and intestinal absorption of a range of ligands. Endocytosis mediated by cubilin and its co-receptor megalin is the principal mechanism for proximal tubule reabsorption of proteins from the glomerular filtrate. Cubilin is also required for intestinal endocytosis of intrinsic factor-vitamin B12(More)
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