Obada Alhaj Moussa

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The counter-intuitive properties of quantum mechanics have the potential to revolutionize information processing by enabling the development of efficient algorithms with no known classical counterparts. Harnessing this power requires the development of a set of building blocks, one of which is a method to initialize the set of quantum bits (qubits) to a(More)
We present experimental results approximating the Jones polynomial on DQC1 using 4 qubits in a liquid state nuclear magnetic resonance quantum information processor. Approximating the Jones polynomial has been shown to completely encapsulate the power of the DQC1 model of quantum computation. The Jones polynomial is a knot invariant that is important not(More)
  • M Viberg, T Boman, U Carlberg, L Pettersson, S Ali, E Arabi +2 others
  • 2008
—Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) has emerged as a hot topic in wireless communications during the last decade. This is due to possible dramatic increases in reliability and capacity as compared to single-antenna solutions. However, much of the existing theoretical results are based on very simplistic models of the antennas and transciever circuitry. Within(More)
A pitch enhancement filter is designed with the objective to approach the optimal rate-distortion trade-off. The filter shows significant perceptual benefits, restating that information-theoretical and perceptual criteria are usually consistent. The filter is easy to implement and can be used as a complement to existing audio codecs. Our experiments show(More)
Aortic stent graft infection is a rare but serious complication associated with high mortality. This report emphasizes the need for continued awareness of potential graft-related septic complications in patients undergoing Endovascular Aortic Repair (EVAR). We report a case in which a post-EVAR patient became unwell about 30 days post operatively and was(More)
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