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ANO1, a calcium-activated chloride channel, is highly expressed and amplified in human cancers and is a critical survival factor in these cancers. The ANO1 inhibitor CaCCinh-A01 decreases proliferation of ANO1-amplified cell lines; however, the mechanism of action remains elusive. We explored the mechanism behind the inhibitory effect of CaCCinh-A01 on cell(More)
The main modifications that characterize cancer are represented by alterations in onco‐ genes, tumor-suppressor genes, and non-coding RNA genes. Most of these alterations are somatic and the process is a multistep one. Tumors often arise from an initial trans‐ formed cell, and after subsequent genetic alterations different cytogenetically clones lead to(More)
In the medical domain, the continuous stream of scientific research contains contradictory results supported by arguments and counter-arguments. As medical expertise occurs at different levels, part of the human agents have difficulties to face the huge amount of studies, but also to understand the reasons and pieces of evidences claimed by the proponents(More)
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