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—Adjoints are an important computational tool for large-scale sensitivity evaluation, uncertainty quantification, and derivative-based optimization. An essential component of their performance is the storage/recomputation balance in which efficient checkpointing methods play a key role. We introduce a novel asynchronous two-level adjoint checkpointing(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a mathematical model for vertical extrapolation of the wind speed gathered from a perspective site under study. The least squares methodology is used for wind speed profile calculation. The proposed model will be applied on the sets of measured data taken at three representative heights. Because the measurements heights(More)
The present work is targeted at performing a strong scaling study of the high-order spectral element fluid dynamics solver Nek5000. Prior studies such as [5] indicated a recommendable metric for strong scalability from a theoretical viewpoint, which we test here extensively on three parallel machines with different performance characteristics and(More)
The model parameters of photovoltaic (PV) cell depend on the environmental conditions, especially are function of the temperature and the irradiance values of the site where the panel is placed. In this paper the performances of PV cells/panels are analysed related to the different temperature and irradiance levels by using the circuit sensitivity.(More)
The turbulent mixing modeling for unsteady heat transfer problems in thermal-hydraulics has long been a focus in nuclear engineering community. One of the promising approaches that takes a full advantage of recent advances in HPC is the use of hierarchy of fidelity simulations that are cross-verified and validated in the regimes of interest. In particular,(More)
This paper presents an original method for topological determination of network functions for linear and reciprocal multi-ports networks with a great number of nodes and edges. The algorithm has five steps in order to simplify the description of each multi-port and the multi-ports interconnection, and to reduce the network by successive procedures based on(More)
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