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Recently, Li and Pan proposed a deterministic network coding resource optimization method built to overcome the issue of severe performance degradation of network coding in the presence of erasures. Considering a multicast scenario, their method relied on the use of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) to find shortest disjoint paths from a source to each sink and(More)
Starting from a recently proposed network coding resource optimization method, we discuss the scalability of this solution to larger scale-free topologies that are also characterized by a realistic link loss distribution which we derive from measurements. We sketch a possibility of designing a network coding aware multicast routing scheme for hierarchical(More)
—We propose a scheme to improve system performance in Discrete MultiTone systems, which combines the joint differential and common mode processing at the receiver side with erasure marking. This is achieved by using the strong correlation between differential and common mode in the case of a few strong interferers to obtain an estimate of the impulse noise(More)
—For physical-layer security, key reconciliation procedures are needed to correct key differences that can arise as a consequence of independent noise at the two ends of a reciprocal link. We assume either a random link in a mobile environment or use reconfigurable antenna elements to randomize the channel, such that it allows for frequent key generation.(More)
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