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—Performing some task among a set of agents requires the use of some protocol that regulates the interactions between them. If those agents are rational, they may try to subvert the protocol for their own benefit, in an attempt to reach an outcome that provides greater utility. We revisit the traditional notion of self-enforcing protocols implemented using(More)
Over the years, various security notions have been proposed in order to cope with a wide range of security scenarios. Recently, the study of security notions has been extended towards comparing cryptographic definitions of secure implementation with game-theoretic definitions of universal implementation of a trusted mediator. In this work we go a step(More)
The proliferation of P2P computing has recently been propelled by popular applications, most notably file sharing protocols such as BitTorrent. These protocols provide remarkable efficiency and scala-bility, as well as adaptivity to dynamic situations. However, none of them is secure against attacks from rational users, i.e., users that misuse the protocol(More)
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